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Complete Production Process

At BESPAK we cater to all your clothing manufacturing needs. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive production process that ensures every aspect of your design is flawless, from concept to delivery.

The process initiates with the client's tech pack or reference sample.

  1. Define garment specifications and create detailed mockups

  2. Develop the initial prototype and estimate preliminary budgeting.

  3. Execute the prototype and arrange for shipping.

  4. Source bulk quantities of fabric and components.

  5. Make necessary adjustments and alterations to the sample for client approval.

  6. Finalize production planning, consumption, and pricing.

  7. Create production schedules and estimate project deadlines.

  8. Perform quality control checks upon component arrival, adjust patterns, and coordinate with clients for approvals and pre-production testing.

  9. Begin bulk production by cutting materials.

  10. Conduct quality control inspections on the cut bulk production.

  11. Sort components and prepare for the sewing process.

  12. Assemble garments, including final sewing operations, while adhering to quality control protocols.

  13. Complete special sewing operations, add final accessories, perform ironing, and prepare individual packaging and labeling.

  14. Perform a final quality control check on the finished products.

  15. Prepare invoices and other necessary documents.

  16. Organize bulk shipments and create packing lists for distribution.

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